My hometown for the next 5 months..

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Ink is On

I have a BEAUTIFUL tattoo on my back now (upper back not lower!) and I love it. And surprisingly it wasn’t that painful. I sat in the chair for almost 2 hours and in some parts I kid you not I could have almost fallen asleep. I was sitting across from Quinn who was not quite so relaxed and looked to be in A LOT of pain. Then again she was getting it on her ribcage, apparently one of the most painful spots to get it. It takes a lot of care and attention to maintain at the moment, as it basically is treated like an open wound. It has to be kept clean and moisturized etc. But I am sure it will all be worth it in the end.
At work this week Mary our HR manager told me that she will be hiring both Dawn and Ressa to work at the hotel. What a small world! Two girls from our program back home in Victoria would be working with Quinn and I! The Canadians are starting to take over the hotel 
What else is new…oh! My birthday is in a few days and a bunch of us from work are planning on going out. This will be the first birthday that I will be away from home and my family and friends so it should be different this year. None of my mom’s famous homemade ice cream cake or family dinner  I can’t complain though, I’m in London for goodness sakes.