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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Am I Already Half Way Done!?

It’s official. I have booked my tattoo appointment, paid my deposit and everything is lined up for me to get inked next week. Can’t believe it is actually happening. Mom and Dad know already so it’s no big secret. Mom even helped me brainstorm of what it should say and look like. I am a bit nervous, as I am not sure what to expect but at the same time cannot wait!
I was just thinking the other day that my co-op is already half way done! Time is now flying by, I am settled at work, settled in my flat and it seems like smooth sailing from here on out. I was checking out my goals the other day and am happy to say that some progression has definitely been made. Although my manager has just up and left for another job without much warning so I am not quite sure where that leaves me. I never even really got to talk before he left. And it doesn’t look like they have even started looking for a replacement yet. So I feel that I am on my own for at least the next few weeks when it comes to pursuing my goals. Hopefully the new manager will be able to help me out. A bit frustrating to say the least..

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