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Monday, June 7, 2010

Cinematic Adventure

Quinn and I just embarked on our first cinematic adventure in London last night! Boy, the movie theaters here are something else compared to back home. They really do have a brilliant concept when it comes to the whole movie experience. Firstly, you reserve your seats ahead of time so you can show up precisely when the show is about to begin. Unlike back home where you have to be at the theater hours before hand saving seats with jackets and handbags sprawled across a row of seats waiting for the rest of your friends to arrive. Also for a couple pounds more you can be sitting in the V.I.P section of the movie theater (totally worth it) which not only has the best view in the house but oversized leather RECLINING chairs complete with side tables and plenty of leg space. Not looking forward to going back to Silvercity upon my return. I have been far to spoiled now.
This week Quinn and I and a couple girls from work went out for a night of dancing in London in a area called Picadilly Circus in the West End. When walking up the stairs from the tube station and entering Picadilly, you are blinded by the many billboards and neon signs flashing and the thousands of people still wandering around at midnight. I hear people say Picadilly Circus is like a slightly smaller version of Time Square. Walking through this area (which is known for its many nightclubs) you constantly have these club promoters walking up to you and asking you to come inside their nightclub. It gets a bit annoying after awhile, each one trying to “out do” the other by offering an even better deal than the next, “I will make you a VIP and you pay no cover”…”Well I can make you VIP, pay no cover and throw in a free drink!” It goes on and on.. Certainly is different from Victoria where I will be back to standing in line.

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