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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dark and Damp Our new flat has proved to have some problems that I was not expecting. Firstly being a basement suite, we seem to have ALOT of spiders. These little guys don’t bother me that much, but Quinn on the other hand has somewhat of a phobia of them I have quickly learned. I feel like every 5 minutes I’m jumping up to the sounds of her hysteric cries and her begging me to “Kill it, Kill it!!” Secondly this morning upon walking into the bathroom I notice a lovely mushroom patch growing out from under our bathtub. Let me think back to Grade 10 biology..what are the ideal growing conditions for a fungus? Dark..check…Damp..check..Dirty..check. Yuppp that pretty much sums up what our bathroom looks like. And lastly our shower is not working. Well it was..until Quinn and I went through all our hot water in 2 days. You see here, instead of paying your bills monthly, we have this kind of pay as you go gas card that lets us load money on to it and then insert it into our gas meter and provide us with heat. We were told that loading 20 pounds onto this card would be plenty for the next 2 weeks. They were wrong. I was attempting to shower the other morning and the water went completely cold, like ice cold. I yelled at Quinn to go check how much was left on the meter and sure enough, we had managed to go through20 pounds worth in a mere 2 days. Boo hoo. At this rate I don’t think Quinn and I will be able to afford gas that is that expensive. I may have to take a look into how good looking the showers are at work.
Okay I am done ranting..all that aside our flat really is quite spacious for London and as I said before it’s a short walk to work. And did I mention that it is one of the fanciest neighbourhoods in London? When people here ask me where I live and I tell them Chelsea they always “Ohhhh” and “Awwww” If only they knew that I currently have a mushroom patch in my bathroom, spiders running rampant and will shortly be having to shower at work. They don’t need to know any of that though, I’m quite content having them thinking I’m living the glamorous life in an upscale Chelsea flat.

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